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We welcome input from locals and interested people to help this website become a great source of information about Wellsford and areas coast to coast.


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Let us know how you would like to see Wellsford shape up for the future.




First and foremost, we want to hear from you with your ideas on anything you see as important in the area, so we can share your input with others to better the community.


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FREE website directory listings to all in the Auckland Council area North of a line along the Dome Ridge to the east coast and north of the Hoteo river out to the west coast.
Advocacy on members behalf with Auckland Council.
We have established relationships with the Rodney Local Board, Auckland Council, ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development) and Auckland Transport.
Current topics - Metal roads maintenance issues - Rubbish bins on main street - Advocacy on possible future Statehighway One bypass -  Old Wellsford Library Community Hub (OWL) - Corry block land for sale - 3 Harrison st. land for sale, Centennial Park improvements,  Improving parks through volunteering initiatives working with other commuity Groups such as WDSRC


It is our aim to expand on networking opportuities within the Community and with neighbouring Business and Community groups.

We have a good relationship with the Warkworth Business Association and with their help and where able, can be included in some of the initiatives they are involved in, such as business mentoring & networking events with recognised business leaders sharing their experiences through speaker series.
Wellsford Promotions Assn Inc have a key role in building relationships and communication throughout the business and community in all aspects from Tourism to Trade, Clubs to Community and encouraging involvement of individuals.
Bringing together and pooling resources saves money & time with opportunity for better results.



We promote local businesses and community groups through Wellsfords website www.wellsford.co.nz which has been designed to inform visitors to the region of all activities & services on offer. All listings have the option for a free link to your email and website.
The objective is for visitors to be informed about our Albertland region so they stay longer and spend more.

Shop local is an ongoing initiative which we are expanding to take in the rural community, including all manner of small businesses which are often overlooked as they are unknown.

WPAI will be keeping in contact with members via newsletters, emailouts and the website with opportunities for growth as these opportunities come in.



Where able and with Community backing, Wellsford Promotions Association Incorporated will facilitate, organise or assist with the organising and promotion of events which involve the wider community e.g. The Christmas Parade, The A&P Show, etc.
Please give us your input with your ideas.


To have Wellsford Promotions Association Incorporated available as a community group which has the ability to continue to champion the Wellsford region, it is essential to have interested involvement from the community. With your businesses, club or individual involvement we can add value to the whole community, in turn growing your prosperity and enjoyment of the area.



Your committee members are:


President - Stephanie Railey
Deputy Chair - vacant
Secretary - Cathy Roche

Minutes Dictation - Vacant
Treasurer - Wendy Walker
Sales rep - Currently vacant
Wellsford Sports Collective Rep - Wendy Crow - Jones
Santa Parade Organiser - Vacant

Website - Stephanie Railey




E mail policy. 

We are committed to keeping email addresses confidential; we will not sell, rent or lease our mailing lists to third parties, and we will not provide your personal information to any third party individuals or companies without your permission.