Wellsfords old Library did not start out life as a library, but we like to call it the OWL an acronym of it's last name and (hopefully) reflecting it's new use.

Wellsford Promotions Assn Inc and Wellsford Sports Collective respective Presidents Stef Railey and Wendy Crow-Jones are going all out to have this iconic building returned to the people of Wellsford as a place where the community can find knowledge...hence, the OWL.

It is envisaged that we will take under our wing the MOREPORK, NZ's very own Owl as our mascot and name and use this building to unite the community by providing information about not just the morepork, about businesses, clubs, hobbies, anything going on in our district, from the top of the Dome in the south to Ross Road in the north and Coast to Coast, East to West, TeArai to Pakiri, Tauhoa to Te Hana, Whangaripo to Wharehine,  Tomarata to Port Albert, Lands End to Spectacle Lake and everything in between!

You need YOU!

To be able to save the OWL from sale by Auckland Council, we need YOU to put a submission to Council so they know this is what Wellsford (and all around) want.
Click HERE for a link to Auckland Councils website where there will be a link for you to do an online submission it is important to have your say.

Remember the squeeky wheel gets the oil!

Lets hear Wellsford SQUEEK!

Submissions are open from 9am Monday 7 July to 5pm Wednesday 6 August

Other topics you may like to include in a submission, are:

Rodneys terrible roads, lack of things to do for kids in the area during school Hols, although we do our best up here with what we have which includes the Sports Collective our new library and the CAB


Wellsford Promotions provides this website as a source of local information, please let us know what's on so we can help you promote it or better yet, create your own free listing HERE.